Fun Fact:

Alstromerias and other bulb plants need "flower food" with sugar and other nutrients to stabilze them after harvested.  They all experience hormone imbalanances which decrease self life.

Design Master has come out with a few new colors.  Come by and check them out! 

Hydrangeas are a year a round staple that can be used in just about any arrangement.  With a little extra care they can go a long way. 

Shamrock Wholesale is a quality and service oriented wholesaler offering fresh cuts, greenery and supplies to shops around the Memphis and tri-state area.  We pride ourselves in having a friendly and knowledgeable staff. 



    Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Cleaning Tips:

Clean your buckets with Floralife DCD to completely disinfect, clean and deodorize even the nastiest of buckets.